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Financial Management Office
1406 Lower Campus Road, Room #41
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Phone:  (808) 956-7161
FAX: (808) 956-9497

FMO Customer Service Survey

The Financial Management Office strives to improve our Customer Service so we can better serve you and make UH an efficiently run organization. Please take a few moments to complete our on-line Customer Service Survey
Alternatively, you can download the survey and send it to the Financial Management Office.

FMO Customer Service Survey (PDF)

FMO Mahalo Card

Has someone in FMO displayed one or more of these traits: innovative, initiative, responsive, proactive, knowledgeable, effective, efficient, respectful, collaborative or teamwork? If so, we would like you to share your "mahalo" to them by completing the FMO Mahalo Card and sending it to the Financial Management office.

FMO Mahalo Card (PDF)