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  Welcome to the eFMIS website! eFMIS provides users with web access to their financial account information and access to applications which enable processing of their documents.  

Requisition and Order processing:
Emily Jorgensen
956-7978, ejorgen@hawaii.edu

Payment processing:
James Kashiwamura
956-5535, jkashiwa@hawaii.edu

Deposits processing:
Treasury Office
956-8527, treasury@hawaii.edu

General System processing:
Tammy Vandevender
956-5718, tammy@hawaii.edu

Comments and/or enhancements:
Tammy Vandevender
956-5718, tammy@hawaii.edu

07-22-2005 -- Release Notes, System Doc added
07-25-2006 -- Req/PO, Supp Features User Guides updated
08-01-2006 -- Telecom IDO Processing added
05-02-2007 -- Release Notes for eFMIS 6.1 and 7.1 added
04-22-2008 -- Release Notes for ePurchasing 8 added