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September 2017 – What’s New in Financial Management    

This issue of the Financial Management Office Newsletter includes information about the following:

What’s New in Financial Management is distributed monthly.  Should you have any questions about this newsletter, contact Deborah Lee via email:

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What is ePayment?

Target Audience: UH Community

ePayment is a simple, secure and quicker way for University of Hawai‘i (UH) employees to receive reimbursements and/or travel advances electronically via direct deposit to their bank account.

The ePayment portal is designed for UH employees to easily input and keep their bank information up-to-date.  

The overall benefits include:

  • Employees will receive payments faster and will save a trip to the bank to deposit checks.
  • Will reduce manual work involved with check printing, pick up, and distribution.
  • Cost savings for the University with electronic processing and not having to mail checks to off-campus locations.

For more information on ePayment, please go to

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Uncashed Checks

Target Audience: Fiscal Administrators and Staff

When a check issued from the UH General Account at the Bank of Hawai‘i has not been cashed for more than six (6) months after the check issue date, the check becomes stale-dated and the payee may not be able to cash the check.

However, the payee may request that a replacement check be issued. Upon receipt of a payee’s request for issuance of a replacement check, General Accounting will coordinate with the account Fiscal Administrator for further action.

Fiscal Administrators

1. Please review your records to verify if the amount is still owed to the payee.

2. If the amount is still outstanding, please complete the “Stop Payment/Cancellation Request (GALC-625)” to have the check cancelled and a replacement check issued. Please send the original signed GALC-625 to General Accounting for processing. The form can be found on the FMO website:

3. If the amount is no longer owed to the payee, please submit the GALC-625 to cancel the check.

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy McCue at

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Tax Effects on Various Payments to UH Employees and non-UH Employees

Target Audience: Fiscal Administrators and Staff

To understand the tax effects on payments, you first need to know if the person is a UH employee or non-UH employee.  The following table provides some examples for your reference:

Who is UH Employee

Who is Non-UH Employee

UH employee working at the booth in a science conference

Contractor or volunteer working at the booth in a science conference

Full-time physical therapist employed at UH

External physical therapist procured for certain events

Attorney from University General Counsel Office

Attorney hired by UH to work on various legal issues

Internal auditor

External auditor

Part-time professor or adjunct faculty

Visiting professor for special projects/collaborative research

Postdoctoral fellow paid through payroll

Postdoctoral fellow paid by stipend

Graduate assistant paid through payroll

Graduate assistant paid by stipend

Student employed part-time at UH and working at a conference

Student presenting an academic paper at a conference and paid by stipend

Once you have determined which group the person belongs to, the tax effects can be appropriately applied.


  • Since the payments are for services rendered, it will be reported on IRS Form W-2 as wages.

Non-UH Employees

  • If the person is a U.S. citizen or resident, all payments will be reported on IRS Form 1099-Misc, except for non-qualified scholarship payments.
    • For tax purposes, a non-qualified scholarship is taxable and should be reported by the recipient.  UH is not required to report on Form 1099-Misc (see AP 8.561 for details)
  • If the person is a non-resident alien for tax purposes, all payments will be reported on IRS Form 1042-S.

Should you have any questions, please call Ken Lum at 956-7162 or email him at

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University of Hawaii Federal Identification Number

Target Audience: Fiscal Administrators

When external entities or individuals request the University’s Federal Identification Number on Form W-9 or substitute W-9, please provide the following information:

Name: University of Hawaii

Federal Identification Number: 99-6000354

This information is applicable to all tax forms submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. Use of the proper name and correct Federal Identification Number avoids:

  • Inquiries from requesting entities to make corrections
  • Reduced payment amounts due to Federal tax withholdings
  • Delays in processing due to discrepancies in the name and Federal Identification Number

Should you have any questions, please call Ken Lum at 956-7162 or email him at

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