About Online Pay Statements
This application is a joint project between UH Payroll and ITS to provide online access
for employees to view, download, or print their own paycheck statements.

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Improvements Include:

  • No SSNs, not even partial
  • No paper handling through multiple hands with your sensitive information
  • No paper printing for over 10,000 employees (across 6 islands)
  • Reduced administrative costs for UH

Frequently Asked Questions
Access / Availability
Q: How do I access my pay statements? Access requires a valid UH username and password. [Click here to get one.] If you already have a UH username, login to view your online pay statements at: https://www.hawaii.edu/paystub
Q: What if I don't own a computer or device with internet access? Your department may provide you access to an office computer/printer to use. Please practice safe browsing. For example: do NOT download your pay statement to the office computer.
Q: When does each new pay statement become available online? Pay statements will be available from 7am on the morning of each Payday. Please request a pay period schedule from your Personnel Officer.
Q: Who else has access to my pay statement? For privacy, only Yourself and authorized Payroll staff have access to your online pay statement. Your department's AO/PO can contact Payroll on your behalf.
Q: Is the application available 24/7? Our scheduled downtimes for maintenance/backup is from 1:00-2:00 am daily
General Questions
Q: How can I get a printed copy? When DAGS stops printing to paper, you can still print a copy from your browser. The idea is to minimize printing to only when you need it. Example: When applying for a loan and the Lender asks for a month of pay statements.
Q: Will I get an email notification when my new pay statement is ready? We are working to build an optional email notification service. In general, pay statements will become available on the 5th and 20th of each month. If this date falls on a weekend or holiday, the pay date is moved earlier to the 1st business day prior.
Q: When will we stop printing of the paper pay statements? DAGS will stop printing 10,000+ paper statements starting Friday, April 04, 2014.
Q: I cannot find any paycheck statement prior to November 2000? Paycheck statement data was only collected from November of 2000. Anything prior is NOT available. We will continue to provide access to all paycheck statements until further notice. We will provide a heads-up notice if we need to purge some years.
Noted Changes
Q: Why UH Number? For ID security, we replaced SSN values with your UH number.
Q: What happened to the message/announcements that are currently shown on the bottom of the printed pay statement? These messages will be available via a link on the main menu of the application.
Q: Has the vertical dashed line has been removed? Yes; This was used to delimit the position for thousands, hundreds, and decimals. We added the decimal point, but exclude commas from numbers. And for dates, the forward slash ("/") is used.
Q: Why are numbers at the top are missing. Ex: [F69-032   45045]? This was intentionally removed. It was originally shown near the top-right corner of the printed pay statement to help with sorting and distributing.
Q: What if my pay "type" label is missing? Please inform us what is shown on your printed statement so we can fill in the blanks.
Browser Issues
Q: Having trouble downloading with Internet Explorer? Please follow these instructions to check your security setting:
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Internet Options
  • Go to Advanced tab
  • Scroll down 3/4 of the way to the Security subheading
  • Make sure the box that says "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is unchecked.